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Thrive & Succeed OR Starve & Die September 12, 2016

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There are only two option: Thrive & Succeed or Starve & Die.

Which one will you choose? One option is for losers and the other option is for people who never give up. Once you are a winner, things stop but it shouldn’t.

I will never stop thriving until I have got what I am looking for.

My search for a full time job in Australia looks like a challenge as the secret sauce for success in not readily shared with migrants like me ! I have to thrive harder to understand the job market and have to put extra efforts to make things happen.

I know that I cannot work more than 24 hours a day ! I have to strategise a lot of efforts and time. I do not want to be mourning around fake promises and false hopes !

I have to step up my game and I have to do it quickly !

The hardest moments are when you have to prove yourself that you are stronger. It does not matter whether you make a penny, have no house to stay, no money to eat a proper meal a day, no social life, …..just try and thrive.




Internet of Things – People behavioral Change January 9, 2015

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Yesterday I watched the CES keynote talk by CEO of Samsung (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpTsLMjz4h8). He talked about how IoT can simplify people’s lives so that we can spend more time with our family or do some leisure activities which we are passionate about.

IoT was a technology trend and now it is a reality. Germany has taken proactive steps to harness the power of IoT in industry automation such that industrial productivity is maximised. The EU call it “Industry 4.0” and may EU companies are working towards using IoT devices as part of their ecosystem and make right decision to maximise their profits.

Many technology giants are pondering on the application that people want. They are trying to build services so that it can simplify people’s lives. For example you don’t to worry about somebody breaking into your house while you are holidaying. The IoT services will even water your plant, take care of your pets while you are way. You can even remotely your house activities, status of all equipments while you are away !

The possibilities of IoT application are limitless. We are putting people in the focus while all the things around us serve you in their best possible way. This is awesome ! super cool ! But…

Why I am so skepticalĀ  about IoT then? The first question is ofcourse my privacy. You need to share so many information about you so that the things can best serve you ! The second question is about technology dictation. The second question is far more interesting than the former. People may not need privacy in future ! Since the services that build on your personal preference know more about you and in fact may predict what you might do in future without your knowledge. This means we let predictive algorithms determine our preferences!

I will give you an example. In very near future, your IoT services will know that you broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend and will order alcohol/ice cream from the local store ! How scary !

IoT will bring behavioral change to people in near future. The behavioral change will alter how we express emotions, creativity and other stuff which computer is not capable of producing !

Even though there are some barriers in implementing IoT, it will happen….I am neither excited nor anxious about this tech future !

Digital isolation March 26, 2014

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Ever wonder what would you do if there is no internet and you get bored ! Even a slightest thought of it sounds unpleasant. Internet was created to connect things and now it also making us to feel alone. Internet created an invisible barrier among the people. Nobody can see it but everyone can feel it. Even though Internet has helped us to chat with people, skype chat with your family and friends, it trained our brain to feel normal about many digital connections we make with people. We used to see people in person and express ourselves, exchange ideas, and so on. Internet created a norm that we still live far apart and have same kind of connections with people. Of course there is a little truth about it. But if you think deep enough, it also makes us drift away from many things.

Internet made us to occupy ourselves whenever we are bored, sad, happy, anxious about something and so on. If you look from health perspective, we see some kind of screens ( PC monitor, TV, smartphone, tablets) browsing internet and we spend a lot of time in those things. No wonder we have to see an eye specialist every now and then šŸ˜¦ we also pass our habits and internet norms to our off springs and thus make it normal for the next generation.

Ignorance is bliss. Google has replaced the human curiosity to think.

Any thoughts?

Confidence boost February 2, 2014

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Recently I read an article in the internet about how Asians get their confidence boost during an occassion such as interview, meeting people, public speaking etc.. The article proved that Asians like to wear branded clothes, branded watched, branded shoes to look very bold and good that internally boost up their confidence.

Even though it is partially true that wearing branded stuff will give you a confidence boost, the real confidence comes from how well you are prepared and how well you approach things. These days most of the people judge other by looking at what they are wearing. Rich clothes, nice watches and other accessories give people an impression that they are well educated, disciplined and obedient. Branded clothes manipulate people mind into believing that owning them will eleviate their pride, social status and in turn make them look super cool!

From my personal perspective branded clothes will boost your confidenc only if you are well prepared for the occassion. I have witnessed many people who flunked even though they wore expensive branded clothes. Does our confidence get boosted because of the branded clothes or branded clothes somehow manipulates our mind to believe that we have obtained confidence because we wore them? It is an intriguing question. I recently read a book called “Brain Sell” that talks about power of marketing and advertisement to manipulate people mind to buy a product. Most of the advertising campaign attacks theĀ subconscious mind of ours and whenever we make a buying decision, it looks so natural to us but in reality it is not. It is a con job!

Do you think branded clothes will boost your confidence level? Feel free to comment šŸ™‚

Will we evolve to be a machine? October 20, 2013

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Will we evolve to be a machine such as Robot? Lets define what a machine means in this context. Machine does routine things and it follows rules and has no emotions whatsoever. Humans on the other hand, we have emotions and feelings. Even though we like doing routine things, we challenge ourselves and we have ambition and some kind of mission in our life.

If you look at how people lead their life these days, we can consider some of them as machines. They have no emotions at all ..towards soceity ..towards people. They work 9 to 5 and come home and they watch TV.

Technology has taken over and it has become more of distraction rather than making our life easy. Washing machine was invented so that women do not need spend time doing labourous physical work.Ā  But the problem in the developed nation is that women should be doing something productive or spend time with their family/friends when machines are working….but it never happens.

They are less interactions happenning between people these days compared to last century. One day, we will evolve to be “something” which we will resemble like a machine.

Attention my readers August 27, 2013

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This blog is dedicated to my regular readers. My regular readers are from

1. USA, CA

2. Singapore

3. Australia, Melbourne

4. India, TN

Watch this space as I reveal how much I appreciate your friendship and love.

GOLD June 10, 2013

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Asians buy a lot of gold. It is the tradition that Asian families should give gold to their daughters during the marriage ceremony. Many families start buying gold when a baby girl is born for them. Gold is considered a safest investment for many families. Many people think that value of gold never depreciates !

It might true that gold value never depreciates much over the years because gold is one of the rarest material on the planet Earth. But does the money invested in gold grow? Not really.

There are so many cost associated with keeping the gold safe. Gold value does not depreciate much neither does it value go up as well. Do not pump in all your money into gold. An investment is something which potentially give you a profit and returns grow over time.

Gold is one of the main reason that is causing the trouble to Indian economy right now. India does not have GOLD so it imports GOLD. This blows up the foreign reserves of dollars.


Panacea to all our problems June 2, 2013

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Have you ever wondered why there is always a problem in your life? Sometimes problems and troubles wait in a big queue and wait for your attention. Sometimes troubles flood you and make you unhappy. Sometimes problems you encounter make you weak and cry. Sometimes it makes our mind to think about people who are happier than us.Ā If you read the last sentence less carefully, read it once more. ok…I wrote “happier than us” phrase and it means we compare our happiness with others. We weigh our troubles against our friends, relatives and others ! Do not compare any of your troubles with others.

If you think logically, we can avoid providing solutions to a problem if we try to eliminate the root of the problem before it occurs. This can work in our scientific experiment, we can anticipate troubles (based on our mathematical models) and we can address it before it occurs. But life is very complex to model using mathematical equations.

We can model human interaction, emotions and it is highly complex and chaotic. Every person in this universe is unique and went through different experiences. We interact with others because we have to. Troubles in our life is not only caused by our behaviour but also caused by others. We can control our behaviour but not others ..definitely not the soceity behaviour.

Everyone in this world want a trouble free life but they dont know that it is impossible. We create problems for others and others do to us as well. We sometimes create problem for ourselves. Sometimes problems come to us without an invitation.

So, is there an ultimate solution to our problems? The bad news is there isn’t. But the good news is thatĀ  there is an universal tool to tackle all the problems we face. It is called the “mind”. We can pray to God, seek our friends help, seek counselling, etc.. but it is upto us to make feel happy..and that can only be provided by our mind. Train your mind to more adaptive to all the problems you encounter.

Megamind March 1, 2013

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I recently watched the movie “Megamind” and Megamind says that he wants to be good at doing bad things. Everybody wonder about the perfect world..the world without crimes, the world full of love, etc.. In a perfect world you have a secured job, secured income, lovely family, amazing kids, awesome education, strong economy..ans so on. But I feel that perfect world is too boring to live because there is no real challenge for humans. In olden days, people talk about good and evil things in soceity. Even in Hindu mythology, we talk about good and evil.

When evil raises and created a unrecoverable inbalance between good and evil, GOD will raise and destroy the world. HE will create a new world after that. For a proper functioning of soceity, we need a little evil everywhere. Jeolously is a common emotions in people which is a evil attribute. Vandalism is the soceity’s evil. Pollution is the country’s evil. Damaging earth is the world’s evil. We always try hard to balance the good and evil. The battle between good and evil is a never ending war. The war have to persist otherwise whole world will be miserable.

It is impossible to weed out evil from the soceity but evil things from one’s mind can be erased out. If everybody start to be a good person, then will have a greater positive impact on the soceity. But how many of us would like to get rid of evil things from ours? Do we have time for introspection? Can we tolerate ourselves if we find out that we have evil things inside ourself? Scary !

For example insurance company bank on the evil things. If there is no vandalism happening (breaking glass in bus station, vandalising public property), then there will be no jobs !?

Just remember we cannot live in a perfect world or an evil world. We are the soldiers in the battle between good and evil? So, which side are you in?

Finding inner peace January 27, 2013

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How happy are you is not the question you should be asking..Have you found the inner peace? What is the inner peace? It is the peacefunessl inside you. Your mind is playing the cat and mouse game all the time. Did you find peace with yourself?

People always push their limits to achieve greatness. Pushing ones limit has always consequences and rewarding benefits. Pushing your limit challenges ones ability to do things. Some people push their limit because they are not content with what they have. They want more. Other push limits because they want greatness…Some other push limit in order to benefit humanity or add knowledge. If you push your limit and don’t succeed, it makes you feel not content with what you have. Your mind are in constant war with those thoughts. That distracts the peace of mind. Happiness is very closely related to inner peace of mind.

Inner peace of youur mind gives stability to you…gives you a sense of satisfaction. Even you are not happy,finding inner peace will help you feel not miserable.Ā  When you challenge your limits, pay more attention to the motive that push you to challenge ! Beware sometimes pushing youur limits will bribe your monkey mind to go on war with your inner peace. Dont be the slave of those thought that pulls your mind. Be smart enough to trick your thought believing you are content with what you have.

My dad once told me, finding inner peace is the greatest challenge in this world and only few have mastered techniques to find inner peace. Those techniques are not highly encrypted in my cultural poems that was written centuries ago. Finding that golden formula is not my aim instead finding a technique to fix my mind to feel the joy of being satisfied is the task I would focus on.

I recommend all my reader of my blog to find that inner peace in you! Good luck that ! šŸ™‚